Where do you spend your time online?

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Where do you spend your time online?

There seems to be no end of choice as to where you can spend your time online. You can shop, watch Tv, stream live events and so much more. Social media remains the big player keeping web users online. It helps us tell our story and keep in contact with our friends and family. Helps business’es to grow, it now even helps the media with breaking news stories as we can now all become location reporters.

But where do you spend your time online socially?

I’m guessing that you probably have a Facebook page. Facebook is one of those sites that for me just seems morally wrong. It was reported in the Independent recently that Facebook is planning to charge members £10 to be able to message members, not on their friend’s list and celebrities. Something they call priority messages. I can’t think of a single instance where that would be useful to a sensible person. It is really just another example of Facebook cashing in on members. And it seems that members may well be catching onto this. It has recently been reported that Facebook is losing members in the 13-17 age range. They seem to prefer Snapchat and Instagram over Facebook.

FB charges members to be able to reach their followers even though they are their followers. If I follow you am I not telling Facebook that I want to see the content that you produce? Yet there is a very good chance that the Facebook algorithm will filter out what I see from you. It is all designed to make you pay so that I can see you even though I opt into seeing you.

With over one billion Facebook users and 700 million on Instagram, like it or not, the accessibility and increasing importance of social media means it has become part of the fabric of society

Where do you spend your time online?
Facebook continues to dominate social media – Where do you spend your time online?


How to spend time online usefully

Ask yourself some questions. What is it that you like and love? What is your passion? Do you agree with the big social sites monetizing you and using your social influence to make them money? Are you happy playing the follower games on Instagram? If you can answer these questions then your have no problem finding some very cool sites to spend time on.

So it is over to you let me know in the comments where you spend your time online?

Have you found any good new sites?

Have you found any productive things to do online?

Are you using the internet to make money?





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  1. Detlev
    | Reply

    I spend more and more time on steemit.com

    • Dexter Roona
      | Reply

      I am using it a lot as well. It is great for getting HowTo8App and Infobunny out there and good place to find new 8App members.

  2. Suraj Kadam
    | Reply

    you have written amazing content on this topic: productive things to do

    I hope this will surely help everyone.

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