8App Introduces The8App Text Tool

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The8App Text Tool

Introducing The8App Text Tool

The way we add content to The8App via the App recently changed under the latest update.

The old system allowed you to add a Description and a Caption. The original Caption Feature has been renamed as the Text Tool.

The Description Feature has moved to the back of the posting process and is now called Caption.

Introducing The8App Text Tool

How to add a Caption and Description

1/ To add a Caption (Text) click the Text Tool and type in the required message then hit NEXT.

2/ To add a Description click Caption and add your Description (Caption).

How to add Captions and Descriptions to multiple image uploads

1/ To add a Caption (Text) click the Text Tool and type in the required message.

2/ The Caption Button is next to the Fun Button for multiple uploads. Click Caption to add your description. When you are ready click next and either post to share your content or select an existing Story to share to.

There is no change to the Desktop Version of The8App.

For a full and comprehensive guide to The8App please refer to our Video Guides or to our Introduction And Getting Started Guide To The8App



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