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The8App is an incredible social media app that allows content creators to monetize the content that they create. Here are 8 very quick tips that will help you maximise the exposure that your content gets on The8App

1/ Create engaging content that involves members so that they engage in what you are doing… You are looking for likes, comments, shares and followers so grab the imagination. Challenges are great for this as they drive conversation and activity around a specific topic and allow you to find like minded members to connect with.
2/ Create content around what you know, if you are an authority in a niche then use your knowledge


3/ Follow those who are achieving what you want to achieve.


4/ Follow those who are engaging and active. These guys are your audience


5/ Reciprocate, it’s a 2-way street. You have to acknowledge those who comment because acknowledgment then sends a notification to the commenter and brings them back and helps drive the conversation. 


6/ Focus on quality content, cheap shallow content drives members away. If you are just posting random pictures then what is your hook, why would members follow if you don’t have any direction?


7/ Post to both Moments and Stories. Stories have the potential to explode your notifications as members who is interested in the topic find a wealth of quality content all in one place


8/ Have fun.

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  1. Uwe Lang
    | Reply

    Great guide, stories are awesome on The8App. How do I find the followers that wanna achieve similar goals like me? Hashtags?

    • Dexter Roona
      | Reply

      “How don I find the followers that wanna achieve similar goals like me? Hashtags?” Yes hashtags are probably the best way by far as you can just search for the terms.

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