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Here is your guide to The8App – Some do’s and don’ts

The8App is just really like any other social site with one main difference, members are rewarded for the views that their content receives and from sponsorship deals made with the Big Brands from the sponsor feed.

It’s great being paid to be social but the number one rule with The8App is to forget that you are paid for views and sponsorships. The moment you start to focus on money is the moment you start to chase the money and you change why you are using social media.

There are no shortcuts to success on any social site. All you have to do to be successful is to be authentic and tell your story. The big error that people make on paying socials is that they suddenly change how they use social media and they start to post for the sake of posting just to drive some views. They forget about the conversations, they forget to appreciate what others have created and instead they just post content to no one in particular on the off chance it will be liked by those who see it

Here is the deal, one post that talks about you, that shows your passion that tells your story is worth 10 cheap posts where you just post a random picture because people like to follow people. Members want to feel some kind of connection and if they do then they come back for more. They like, comment and share your content and ultimately become a follower. Less really is more. Here is my quick Do’s and Dont’s guide to The8App.

A guide to The8App - here are some do's and don'ts - HOW TO 8 APP


Your Guide To The8App – Some do’s and don’ts



1/ Tell your story, 8Appers will love you for it. Members want to know the real you, they want the connection so let them in


2/ Share your likes and dislikes. What is it that you love? What is your passion?. Post content that interests you and that you are knowledgeable about and find like-minded members.


3/ Drive the conversation. Reply to comments received, thank those that re-post your content. Engage and others will reciprocate.


4/ Be original. That’s hard i know because you are not the only one posting the type of content that you do. But making your content personable, driving the conversation, putting the YOU in what you post makes your content original and compelling to your audience.


5/ Take your time when creating content, make it as good as it can be.


6/ Use relevant hashtags to help others find your posts.


7/ Be consistent. Consistency is key if you are looking to create and become an authority in what you share.


8/ This is the most important do…. HAVE FUN…. if you don’t enjoy what your doing then don’t do it.



1/ Do not post SPAM. The8App is about, quality, quality, quality. Spam does not generate views and it does not interest the Big Brands in the Sponsor Hub. Spam equals failure and ultimately the loss of your 8App account.


2/ Do not steal. If you like a members post then re-post it. DO NOT download it and then share it to your feed as your content. The content will get reported and you could end up losing your account.


3/ Do not share images not owned by you unless you have permission or you are willing to give full credit to the owner. If you do not know where to seek permission then make sure you give full credit back to the owner, something like “Image Source” then add a clickable link to the content. There are plenty of sites that home Free To Use images that you can use, Pixabay is a good one to use.


4/ Stay away from drama. All that happens is you waste your time and energy. 8Appers come from all over the world. Drama can be caused by a simple difference in dialogue from country to country so just read between the lines. No reaction means no drama.


5/ Don’t post for the money. If you are posting for money you are more than likely going to be posting for the sake of posting just to get views. Well thought out quality content always wins the day. Take your time creating.


6/ Don’t spam The8App on other social sites, spread the word, YES …. SPAM others, NO. Your actions will just give The8App a bad reputation.


7/ Use hashtags sparingly. I normally use around 3, anything above 5 makes the post look spammy


8/ Don’t just sell to people. It’s ok to share your business or opportunity but again less is more. Enploy a posting ratio of around 70/30. 70% about you, what you like, your passion, your story. 30% your opportunity. People buy from people so show them what you are all about. Build relationships, build an interesting page and you will have success on The8App.

I hope you found this simple guide to The8App useful, make sure you drop me a follow on 8 and let me know.



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4 Responses

  1. Stephen Smith
    | Reply

    Dear Dexter,
    Could you kindly have a look at the @papillon page and advise if you can think of any ways that I can make it more attractive? I have started the #Rainbowchallenge, but decided to wait for monetizing, prior to embarking on the other 2 mentioned challenges. #Papilon(Butterfly) challenge and #Waterfallchallenge! You will note that we are not doing too badly, but there is always room for improvement and I respect your experience in these matters!

    • Dexter Roona
      | Reply

      Hi Stephen, your page is very good, i wouldn’t change anything that you are doing… just remain active and consistent and you will be going in the right direction.

  2. Tommy
    | Reply

    Hi Dexter,
    A short question:
    What about the ads?
    I not see only one until now.
    Thanks for answering

    • Dexter Roona
      | Reply

      Hi Tommy i have seen some 8App ads they have been on videos via the app. They are still testing them. There will be a week of 8 ads then it is opened up to the advertisers….. Everything is still in development, and at this stage every minor change can have a knock on effect somewhere else, so they are testing, testing, testing.

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