How to leverage your followers

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How to leverage your following and social influence To leverage your followers and your social influence is as easy as just creating great content. And as we know great content will gain you more followers. Great content and your social engagement are the key elements. I know I make it sound easy and that is because I feel that it is. You just need to be clear on what you want to achieve. So here are 3 tips to leverage … Read More

How to make your post title a clickable link

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Links can often look ugly and unappealing especially when they are over long and just a jumble of meaningless characters. The post link can often also be missed when placed at the end of a post and hidden behind a read more link. There are a few things that you can do on The8App that will really help this problem. You Can… Use a link shortener. Here is Adweek’s Top 5 URL shorteners Make your post title a clickable link. If … Read More

How to quickly find 8App Comments when mentioned

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How to manage your 8App comments On busy active 8App posts that have lot’s of 8App comments it is often hard to find replies to comments that you make or when mentioned. You get notifications telling you that you have had a reply but when you go to to the post you are shown oldest comments first and it is not easy to find replies. Here the HowTo8App quick way to find comment replies quickly on the mobile version of … Read More

How to rack up your 8App stats

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 HERE ARE 8 QUICK TIPS TO HELP YOU RACK UP YOUR VIEWS AND STATS ON THE8APP The8App is an incredible social media app that allows content creators to monetize the content that they create. Here are 8 very quick tips that will help you maximise the exposure that your content gets on The8App 1/ Create engaging content that involves members so that they engage in what you are doing… You are looking for likes, comments, shares and followers so grab … Read More

How to best use The8App to get results

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Here is your guide to The8App – Some do’s and don’ts The8App is just really like any other social site with one main difference, members are rewarded for the views that their content receives and from sponsorship deals made with the Big Brands from the sponsor feed. It’s great being paid to be social but the number one rule with The8App is to forget that you are paid for views and sponsorships. The moment you start to focus on money … Read More