How To Make Better Facebook Shares

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With the arrival of Sponsored Posts on The8App it is becoming increasingly important to make the quality of social shares that we make better for our followers on other networks. In this article, we will be featuring How to make better Facebook shares. We will cover other networks like Instagram and Google Plus in later articles. How To Make Better Facebook Shares When you share from The8App to Facebook via the app you are able to share to Facebook groups, your own … Read More

The Problem With Facebook

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We all want social media to be fairer, that is why we at HowTo8App support The8App. Only today in the news it was reported that Facebook is to test charging users to read subscription news stories. Why? Can we not already get this information on Google? The big problem with Facebook is that the platform is looking to monetize in every way possible way at the expense of users. Google is also making changes to its feeds In what is becoming the “Battle … Read More

Where do you spend your time online?

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There seems to be no end of choice as to where you can spend your time online. You can shop, watch Tv, stream live events and so much more. Social media remains the big player keeping web users online. It helps us tell our story and keep in contact with our friends and family. Helps business’es to grow, it now even helps the media with breaking news stories as we can now all become location reporters. But where do you spend your … Read More

How do I embed a YouTube Video?

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So, how do you embed (add) a YouTube video to your site? The answer to the question depends really on the platform or site that you are adding the video too. In this article, I will be covering in detail how to embed a Youtube video to WordPress. How do I embed a YouTube video in WordPress? The method of embedding a YouTube Video on WordPress really depends on the WP Theme that you are using. There are two main … Read More

Social Media Plan – Why you need one

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You know what they say “IF YOU DON’T HAVE A PLAN THEN YOU PLAN TO FAIL” If you don’t have a Social Media Plan and you are looking to grow a following or use social media marketing to promote a small business or a product then where is your start point. How do you know where you are, where you need to go. You know where you want to be but how do you get from A to B to … Read More