Suzanne Heintz talks leaving YouTube, The8App and the future of Social Media

Renowned Artist Suzanne Heintz recently closed her YouTube Channel in favor of The8App. Here Suzanne talks YouTube, The8App and the future of Social Media.

SUZANNE HEINTZ’s work, described as equal parts photography and theater, makes her an unusual Artist. Though trained in Writing, Communication, Painting, Design as well as Photography, the chosen mediums for her personal work are Photography and Video.

Her professional experience as an Art Director for Television has a strong influence on how she works artistically. It taught her that to make an impact, it’s essential to connect with your audience. Since her work is intended for everyone, not exclusively the art educated, she uses mediums that have the most universal appeal. Taboo to most in the art world, humor is her third and most important medium.

At the risk of being perceived as a form of “Artertainment,” Heintz employs satire because she feels that it is crucial to the digestion of what might be perceived as a bitter pill – social criticism.



Why did you join The8App?

For growth and support. I joined because The8App is fundamentally different than any other social media site. They are fair. They’re reason for being is to support Creators, not solely to line their own pockets with ad revenue and selling our data.

My work went viral twice. I was click-bait for every periodical out there. And who made the revenue off of all those clicks? Not me. So when I found out that The8App was trying to turn that all around, you bet I jumped. I jumped in with both feet. My man-hours are worth something. I need to get paid, just as much as anyone else. I need support to keep my work up. You can’t live off of Passion alone.

The other reason I joined is because it’s built on inspiration and positivity. People think I’m inspiring. Sometimes the Inspiring need inspiration too. I need to feed my mind, in order to keep my work evolving.

If you had a friend who was interested in joining The8App what would you say to them, how would you inspire them?

I’m from NY, so I tend to be pretty blunt. So, I’d say, “Don’t be naive. Why be taken advantage of by corporations, when you can be rewarded instead? Plus, you can expand your reach far beyond your personal circle, and be exposed to a huge new pool of people that you’d never have access to using the old school social media, and maybe get inspired while you’re at it.”

What is your favorite 8App feature?

The interface. You can build stories, go deeper, and connect things. It’s not just a random “one-off” that you toss out into the black hole of social media and hope that someone happens by. This is better than my own website. It’s easier to update, and whenever I make something new, I post it and can invite someone to look deeper into my work, without asking them to go somewhere else to do it. Plus, I can speak with them directly, not just through comments, but through private chat. My thing as an Artist is that I want direct interaction with my audience. I WANT TO TALK TO THEM. That’s why I shoot my photos in Public. But with this app, I can reach so many more people and over a long period of time, not just for 5 minutes on the street, or for 30 seconds on YouTube.



The set up of YouTube, it just wasn’t fair. YouTube wasn’t doing for me what 8 could in the growth and support department. Frankly, their viewer engagement, it felt random and anonymous. It didn’t give me the connections, the expanding social circles, the follower engagement, the rich connective creative environment, and unified platform that The8App does. Sure, I could have a Channel, and maybe, at best, only if I consistently had millions of viewers, make up to 45% of Ad revenue for companies I did not necessarily want associated with my work.

8 gives me control over that, who can advertise, where and how, and whether I want ads at all. The8App lets me own the rights to my work, and how it’s portrayed, and who gets the opportunity to advertise with me. They let ME make those connections, they let ME make 80%, they let ME control how my work is exposed to others. ME, ME, ME! That’s right. Sounds selfish, but frankly, it’s MY work. I should be able to control how it’s used, shown, and monetized. It’s only FAIR.


I’ve worked in TV for over 20 years. From the front line, I have literally watched passive time-committed living room viewing die. Everything is on mobile now. So I see SM as the vehicle for virtually all media engagement. You need to be introduced to new things by something, usually, it’s from your social circles. Your friends introduce you to new things, and that doesn’t happen in a living room anymore, it’s on social media. So, those who control social media, control what you can be exposed to. That’s why I love The8App, they give me the reigns of control over my artwork, and my network.


What is the message that you take away from The8App?

Hope. After being left high and dry by every media outlet who ripped off my images, and made highly clickable stories with millions of eyeballs reading about what I made, I got real. I literally can’t keep this up without support. I love making art, yes, but that does not mean I should give it away to others to make their own profit off of it.

When I was laid off from my day job, which funded all of my very-expensive-to-produce work, I lost hope. I realised that the work was not going to get made anymore if I didn’t get up and monetize it for myself. But The8App gives me hope. Hope that I can turn around, for myself, this dynamic that seems to be common for Creative People. The “I’m so passionate about what I do, that I can’t help but do it. So it’s ok for others to capitalise off of my work, I just want it seen.” Now I have more than hope. I have a concrete means that gets paid directly into my PayPal account. I may be Creative, but that doesn’t make me a Patsy.

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