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Here is an example of how a sponsored post looks when it is shared on The8App.

For more information on Sponsored Posts visit Making Your First Sponsored Post On The8App Sponsor Feed and Getting Started With The Sponsor Feed

New Balance sponsor post offers


So job done, yes? Well yes if you want but why not promote the Ad just a bit more and keep sharing the offer link.

Here is what I did

Firstly I visited the offer site to see what content was on offer that I could use and I found a great YouTube Video that I can use to promote the product. Here is the YouTube video


I then also grabbed the product info text. This is great if you are sharing to Google Plus or Facebook. Or if you are looking to just create a longer post that gives more information and more for search engines to get into.

Men’s 574 Sport. We gave our Fresh Foam 574 for men a total makeover with bootie construction and a mid-cut profile. The same Fresh Foam cushioning is included to deliver superior comfort on your day-to-day, while new modern style details make it all the more street-ready. This evolution of a classic is the perfect balance of life and style.

I then also took an image from the site and we end up with the posts below. The screen capture on the left is the Youtube Video.

The one on the right is my reworking of the offer using more text and the same offer link and a great image from the New Balance website.

Some very cool Sponsor Post Offers coming out of The8App New Balance


Sponsor Post Offers – Conclusion

Sponsor post offers don’t have to be just a couple of shares to your favorite channels. If you really want to make better revenues from your sponsor posts then turn them into campaigns and just promote them like mad. Creating new content and just using your offer link for the payment tracking. And if you are interested in the offer then don’t forget to use code “JULYSHIP”.

Hope this has given you some ideas, let me know what you think in the comments below



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  1. Denise
    | Reply

    Nice touch using the ads promotional video. I really enjoy seeing what you come up with to enhance them. It gives me the inspiration needed to give the ad a proper “coming out” party. Thanks again, InfoBunny! I would have to give it a vote for classy.

    • Dexter Roona
      | Reply

      Thanks, I appreciate you stopping by, glad you got some value from the post.

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