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Scott BurnHard Bernard – The Body By Burnhard

Based in New York City. I’m a motivational speaker, coach, celebrity trainer, (Online coach) and forever a student towards LIFE!

Scott Burnhard Bernard

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The journey of Scott “BurnHard” Bernard of Burnhard Fitness

After breaking my right arm three times during my childhood I suffered severe nerve damage for 9 months.

The doctor said I would never be able to play sports again or risk amputation. I used to live my life in fear but somehow I found passion for doing calisthenics / Streetworkout.

I love what I do and I’m glad I can share my passion / story with you all…

How did you find your way onto the 8App?

Well, it’s as my friend Mecca who introduced me to the app

Why did you join 8?

I joined because I love the message behind the App to help support and reward creatives for their work.

If you had a friend who was interested in joining The8App what would you say to them, how would you inspire them?

I would tell them that is the ONLY app were you the creator gets rewarded for your content. And it’s the PERFECT app to build up a great following to get your work and your brand out there

What is your favourite 8App feature?

I love The8App story line build up you can do with multiple pictures to further discuss topics etc.

What do you see as the future of social media?

Hmm I see the future of social media being bigger and brighter for everyone to network and connect with one another.

What is the message that you take away from The8App?

The most important thing for me is the fact your content can be monetized. AND have the option to give back to charities which I am BIG on!

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