How to repost member content on the8app - how to 8 app

Social media is all about sharing. And reposting other members content is an important element in having a cool and interesting social feed. Share what you do. Your world, your life your interests and then repost what others do that interests you. Reposting other members content bring you reciprocation from them and new friends and followers. Because we all love it when someone takes an interest in what we are doing. It is a major reason why we all use social media, to tell our story or to get a message out.

How to repost member content on The8App

Here is a very simple video guide to show you how to repost member content on The8App. For more tips and tricks visit and read our other How To articles and watch our other How To videos. And you can also visit our getting started guide at

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It really is time to join the8App social revolution

I don’t know about you guys but when I’m on Facebook all I can hear is the Star Wars music, you know the “da da da dahhh da da da dahh da dahhhh”

I am on the deck looking out over cyberspace. I’m watching for the next big attack from the Facebook Death Star or Star Destroyer. Which new site will Facebook buy out? How will Facebook further change their algorithm and squeeze our views more?, How will they further smother the competition?

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