The Problem With Facebook

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The problem withFacebook

We all want social media to be fairer, that is why we at HowTo8App support The8App. Only today in the news it was reported that Facebook is to test charging users to read subscription news stories.

Why? Can we not already get this information on Google?

The big problem with Facebook is that the platform is looking to monetize in every way possible way at the expense of users.

Google is also making changes to its feeds In what is becoming the “Battle Of The News Feeds”. Google is to combine the most important news stories of the day with ones about topics you’ve previously searched.

-The Problem with Faceboo - How do you solve a problem called Facebook
Image Source – Google’s brave new friendless feed

Google’s brave new friendless feed

It’s like Facebook without all those annoying “friends.” Instead of having to look at what weird things other people are interested in, like their babies, Google shows me the weird things I’m interested in, like Legend of Zelda and Elon Musk.

This Google development sounds like an interesting update. I was always a Google Plus fan so I’m intrigued as to how they will combat Facebook moving forward. The Facebook development is yet another step too far.

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So where is all this going?

Well if Facebook get’s its way we are really heading for an even bigger pay to play model at the expense of users who really don’t understand how their social influence is being leveraged.

If you’re a Facebook fan then you’re probably not that bothered with the constant advancements to their monetization model, right? But if you are like me you are looking for this to change. Social media accounts for the biggest unpaid workforce on the planet and it shouldn’t be like that. The8App is changing this but they need all of us to help.

But things could be starting to change. It has recently been reported that Facebook is losing members primarily the 13-17 age group. There are even reports that Facebook could lose 80% of its active users in the next year, though I don’t see this happening.

So here is what you can do to help The8App

It is dead simple. Just create great content and share it on The8App. If you are creating content via the desktop version of 8App then when you have created share straight away to Facebook, to Twitter and Google Plus to spread the word about 8. When you share make sure that you add text to each share you make to add value.

For example, when you share to Twitter via the desktop version of The8App you will be offered a Tweet comprising of just the post link. You need to change this to just make it more interesting for your Twitter followers like in the example below.


The Problem with Facebook -How do you solve a problem called Facebook - Twitter Desktop share

Do something similar with Google Plus and Facebook. Add that extra value for your followers to help bring them to 8App.

If you are sharing via the app then you have many more options and many more social channels you can share to. But the rule remains the same. Add text to make the shares you create of value to followers.


The Problem with Facebook - How do you solve a problem called Facebook - Android share options

You can take this a step further if you want on Android and Ios and share to platforms that are not given as share options. The way you do this is to simply screen capture the content and grab share link. Then just create your post. This is how you would social share to Instagram for example because Instagram doesn’t offer a social share option.

The Problem With Facebook – Conclusion

It’s great that you are an 8App member. (And if you are not then I hope you are ready to solve the problem with Facebook dilemma and join us on 8.) And it’s great that you are creating valuable content on 8. But it is even better if you’re telling everyone on your other social channels that you are creating on 8. Just hit that share option on desktop or mobile and reshare the content that you create. Go that extra yard and share to more than just The8App.

If you want to solve a problem like Facebook then you have to show people there is an alternative and you do that by sharing what you create.

Let me know what you think about what I have said in this article



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