8App Ads are now Live

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8App Ads Are Live The8App was created to empower every individual on the planet. 8 gives you simple tools to monetize the posts and stories you create on the platform. It is the mission of The8App to reverse the 92 billion dollar tidal wave that pounds into the bank accounts of just a few companies in Silicon Valley, and return it back into the pockets of those creating the content and doing the work. THAT’S YOU AND ME THE CONTENT … Read More

Social sites can reward members – Faith Rewards

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Have you ever believed in a message so much that to you it can never fail? This is how I feel about every business or campaign that I enter into. If you don’t believe it will succeed and you don’t have the faith then how will it work? I believe that “faith rewards” Now I have ventured into a lot of new social sites and online opportunities and nearly all have failed. Does this deter me? Maybe for a second. … Read More

Social Media Plan – Why you need one

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You know what they say “IF YOU DON’T HAVE A PLAN THEN YOU PLAN TO FAIL” If you don’t have a Social Media Plan and you are looking to grow a following or use social media marketing to promote a small business or a product then where is your start point. How do you know where you are, where you need to go. You know where you want to be but how do you get from A to B to … Read More

My Simple Guide To Hashtags

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What are Hashtags And How Do I Use Them? Hashtags originated on the Twitter platform and are now commonplace on just about all social sites.They are incredibly useful because they help you categorize your content and help you find posts that are using hashtags. Hashtags open your content up to a much wider audience. They are basically a filing system for Tweets, Instagram shares, Pinterest pins and 8App posts, if the platform accepts hashtags then you can use them to … Read More

How to grow your 8App followers

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  How to grow your 8App FOLLOWERS Growing your 8App followers is dead easy. It really is as simple as just using the site and social app correctly. 8Appers like to see active and engaging users, they want Likes, Comments and Shares and ultimately more views to the content that they produce. If you are engaging consistently then you are gonna pick up 8App followers and make connections because you are the kind of 8Apper 8App members want to connect … Read More

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