Making Your First Sponsored Post On The8App Sponsor Feed

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How To Make Your First Sponsored Post On The8App Sponsor Feed The following screen captures highlight the process of creating your first sponsored post on The8App Sponsor Feed. The screen captures are taken from the Android Version of The8App. 1/ You will receive notifications when you receive a Sponsor Feed Offer. Click the notification and then click “Create A Post” (Tap For Details) 2/ Read the guidelines outlined. The brief will be different for different Sponsor Offers so read carefully … Read More

Getting Started Guide To The8App Sponsor Feed

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WOULD YOU LIKE TO GET CASH OFFERS FROM BRANDS THAT LOVE WHAT YOU’RE SHARING ON YOUR SOCIALS?  Imagine waking up in the morning, rolling over to grab your phone, opening The8App and seeing a beautiful, glossy feed of offers and love from brands and people from all over the world. That’s the dream, right? Love from brands and people on The8App each and every morning and getting paid to post. Well, it is time to make that dream a reality with The8App Sponsor Feed. Here is … Read More

8 Reasons To Become An 8App Early Adopter

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If you are already an 8App Early Adopter then congratulations what a great move you have made. For those of you who are yet to join us on this incredible 8App journey then, “What are you waiting for!” Here is some background on The8App  THE8APP – A SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM THAT BRINGS ALL THE FUNCTIONALITY OF OTHER PLATFORMS TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE, WHILST EMPOWERING USERS BY GIVING THEM OWNERSHIP OF THEIR CONTENT AND 80% OF THE AD REVENUE The 8 App … Read More

How to donate to charity for FREE

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HERE IS HOW TO DONATE TO CHARITY FOR FREE! Yesterday I made my first $8 donation to charity on The8App. This wasn’t money that I paid out of my own pocket. This was winnings from Round 2 of We Rise Together on The8App. The8App is a social media site and app that rewards members for their activity then allows you to cash the money out via Paypal or to pay it forward to charity. Not everyone is comfortable with earning income … Read More

8App Challenges

8App Challenges are an inheritance from days of old of the Tsu platform. They came to The8App with the ex-Tsuvians (members) who joined us on The8App. Challenges are like “theme-posting.” on a particular day. You post pictures on a given subject and invite users to do the same. With mentions, you can then notify participants of your content. And by using a common theme hashtag related to the niche you can group posts together making them searchable. 8APP CHALLENGES OFFER YOU … Read More

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