Making Your First Sponsored Post On The8App Sponsor Feed

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Making Your First Sponsored Post On The8App Sponsor Feed

How To Make Your First Sponsored Post On The8App Sponsor Feed

The following screen captures highlight the process of creating your first sponsored post on The8App Sponsor Feed. The screen captures are taken from the Android Version of The8App.

Making Your First Sponsored Post

1/ You will receive notifications when you receive a Sponsor Feed Offer. Click the notification and then click “Create A Post” (Tap For Details)

2/ Read the guidelines outlined. The brief will be different for different Sponsor Offers so read carefully what is required. The above offer is an 8App Sponsor Offer and asks you to include The8App statement “On The8App, get offers from brands that love you and get rewarded”

Making Your First Sponsored Post - Android App Images from The8App

3/ Click Accept Offer

Android App Images from The8App - Sponsor Feed - Submit your post

4/ Click “Submit Post Now”.The “I Need Creative Time” tab takes you back to the previous page

5/ Take your picture or load one from your camera roll. QUICK TIP –  If you want to create an image on your laptop or desktop just create on your computer then email it to yourself. Open the email and download the image to your phone and it will appear in your camera roll for you to then add to your 8App post 😉

6/ Add in the required text given in the brief and any extra text or tags you want to add

7/ Submit your post to be qualified.

8/ You will then get a new notification telling you that your sponsored post is in progress.

Sponsored post in progress

9/ Post your content and share to your Facebook and Twitter pages for extended reach.

sponsored post IS LIVE

And you are done 😉

If you have any questions about creating Sponsored Posts then leave them as comments below. Alternatively just tag me on The8App and I will be happy to reply.

For More Information on The8App Sponsor Feed check out the article snippet below.

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