How To Make Your Content Go Viral

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How to make your 8App content go VIRAL

What is it that makes content go viral?

Look around the web and you will find marketers and content creators who are able to create content that goes viral very quickly and with very little effort.

How do they do this? What is their big secret? What is it that they know that we don’t?

Well, the big secret is being able to generate traffic. They are an authority in what they do and they have a killer following that can instantly propel them. A following is key as they engage, they then leverage their own friends and followers as they share what you have created. This process can spiral very quickly and that is how you go viral. This is why you need to build your friends and followers. The more you have the more viral reach you have. But it is not just about big numbers. 1000 active followers who you can leverage is better that 10000 who do nothing.

This is why The8App is special, it is very easy to leverage friends and followers just by using the platform. And as the site grows so will followers. The8App is a big opportunity to build a social environment to make your content go viral.

Let’s break down the types of content that can go viral

Positive uplifting content always gets shared.

The world is not always a happy place and nor is social media. Social Media content that is positive and uplifting helps people get away from the negativity surrounding them. It is an escape for them and that is why they love it.

Practical Content

Practical content gives you that “Eureka Moment” … that moment when something clicks and something is learned. It’s then useful to share and pay it forward to the next member..

Emotional Content

Emotional content activates a high-arousal emotion within members and compels them to engage. High-arousal emotions can be either positive or negative (both types work) and we can break those down into, awe, anger, anxiety, fear, joy, lust, and surprise. The key is knowing how to trigger an emotional response.



How To Make Your Content Go Viral - Emotions Graphic

1/ Awe

What’s awe? It’s quite simply something remarkable. Something that people can’t resist commenting on. This can be in the form of a story, or a real-life event.

2/ Anger

When you upset people, they’ll work hard to get a sense of justice, but you really should stay away from member fights. Anger relating to something that has happened in the news would be a good place to attempt to trigger the anger emotion.

3/ Anxiety

People hate losing things they have. If you’re writing content that talks about potentially losing out on something, that creates anxiety. The closing of a neighborhood facility would be an example. Social issues trigger anxiety.

4/ Fear

Fear is one of the biggest motivators on Earth. People can’t resist but take action when motivated by fear.

5/ Joy

What makes people happy? There are lots of things.

It can be something funny, inspiring, or anything that’s positive. Great examples are pictures of your kids achieving something, or you showing off the new puppy that just joined the family. What makes you happy on Social Media?

A great way to target the “joy” emotion is by telling a story from your life that I know people can connect with.

6/ Lust

Lust is not just about sex. You can lust after money, cars, women, men, or anything material. To trigger lust, you simply need to show members potential results for reaction.

7/ Surprise

What surprises people? Anything that goes against their expectations. You can challenge assumptions, and prove them wrong. You can share new ways of doing things or share results of personal tests.

8/ Love

Your love for something shines in what you write and create. This is a great influence to compel others to engage.

Write a compelling call to action Post Title

A great title is critical in grabbing the attention. The title should be the trigger for the emotional response you want. Mix keywords and phrases into your title so that the search engines can find what you create and index accordingly You want to be found outside of the social site that you create on and success starts with a well-written title.

Pictures are KEY

People tend to be visual, if you have a good relevant picture accompanying your content you will pick up likes, comments, and shares even if the viewer isn’t interested in the subject itself. In fact, images are so key that some social sites like Instagram, Pinterest and The8App are built on them

How To Make Your Content Go Viral - Pictures are key


You can implement the tips above but the level of results you get will still depend on your Network Size and your own engagement levels. If you don’t have many friends and followers then your results will not be as good as if you had a large active Network. Post quality content that members want to read and you will find you steadily grow and your views will ramp.

Hope this helps… let me know how you get on and feel free to tag me in your 8App Social Posts @dexterroona

Regards Dexter

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    Good insight into the viral content. The prime part is the good content. Users needs to get some knowledge by reading the content.

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