How to leverage your followers

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How to leverage your followers

How to leverage your following and social influence

To leverage your followers and your social influence is as easy as just creating great content. And as we know great content will gain you more followers. Great content and your social engagement are the key elements.

I know I make it sound easy and that is because I feel that it is. You just need to be clear on what you want to achieve.

So here are 3 tips to leverage your followers and social influence

1/ Creating content that others want to see takes time.

You can’t just put a picture up and hope unless you are a photographer and even then I would say you should introduce your work. What you say in your content lets followers understand the topic and puts your message across. It tells the story and attracts new followers.

Think about what you post, you want it to get a reaction so that a conversation starts because a positive conversation draws members in. There are 8 types of content that can go viral.


How long doe’s it take for you to create your posts. If it is a matter of a couple of minutes then I would say you should be spending more time creating.

Have you optimized your image so that it shows well on your social and not cut off or cropped? 

Added a message or a title to the image?

Have you watermarked your image?

This is really a must if you are a photographer or a brand as it just portrays a professional image.

2/ Be super consistent

You don’t have to create 10 posts a day In fact as a strategy I would say make no more than 5 posts a day. Remember this is about being consistent. If you make 10 posts a day then is the quality level up there? Are you going to run out of content? What will you post the next day?

3/ Cross promote

You have to create and share. Make your window bigger. Expand your social influence and grow your followers

The way you leverage your followers on social media really does just come down to creating great content. It really is as simple as that.

What are the other ways you can leverage your followers?

If you are an Instagram member then here are 7 Ways to Turn Instagram Followers Into Customers for Life and as with all social channels, it starts with making a kickass profile.

Now it is over to you, let me know what you think of the ideas in this article in the comments below.



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