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The8App is a social app and website that is challenging members to claim back their voice

For far too long social sites have been trading off of our work, copy and our social influence. All content that we produce on social sites like Facebook and Twitter is gently caressed with advertising with the proceeds going to to the sites.

Your content generates income that produces huge profits for these social sites. Your pictures, your videos, your conversations,

When a radio station plays a song the writer/artist gets paid a royalty for the use of the music. The8App believes that when social sites use your “music” (content) you should also get paid.

8App returns 80% of the sites advertising revenue back to the members, rewarding members for the content that they produce and the views and engagement they receive. The8App also has something called the Sponsor Feed where big brands can sponsor members to spread their message.

A Social Revolution has started, are you ready to join the revolution?

Here is how to get started and join the social revolution

Simply download The8App from app stores or register online at 

Fill in your profile and start to share your content with your audience, it’s that simple.

For more details on how to set up your profile visit my The8App Introduction And Getting Started Guide


Sue Fennessy The8App CEO talks to Fox News

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  1. Edward Thorpe
    | Reply

    Hi Dexter,

    Never even heard of 8App until you commented on my blog. Interesting. Plan to check it out later. (I’ll access it through this page so you’ll get credit if I opt-in.)

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