How to setup your 8app profile - HOW TO 8 APP

A very simple getting started video guide showing you how to set up your 8App profile page

It is incredibly important to set up your 8App profile. You need to have a great header image and a cool avatar. If you use other social sites then here is a tip. Bring any branding that you have elsewhere to further build your social brand and social influence on The8App.

A great header and avatar (profile pic) really doe’s bring a professional element to your profile. So spend some time setting this area of your account carefully. You really want the images that you add to stand out. They need to speak about you and what you are about to some degree.

How To Set Up Your 8App Profile

  1. Tap the header area to add a cover image to your profile.
  2. Tap the profile image area to add your avatar and details.

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