How to rank better on Google

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How to rank better on Google

To rank better on Google you first need to understand what Google is and how it works. We know Google is a search engine. You type in a question or whatever on Google and up spring all the search results. But this is not a magic trick. Google search is not the Magic Mirror in the Disney movie Snow White where you search knowing and finding what you want to see.

Google is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware (Definition Source Wikipedia). Google search is built on a complicated algorithm that filters and sorts the most relevant information based on a users search. It is not really known how Google works, or how to definitively rank better on Google but we do know what it likes and what helps you get found on search results.

How to improve your Google Ranking

If you are looking to improve your Google ranking and get your website on top on the Google rankings then your initial research is really going to push you down a SEO road. Now SEO is important and you should optimize your site and it’s pages but SEO alone is not going to get the job done. There is much more to it than SEO.

Search Engine Optimization may seem complex but it is not. It is really about just formatting your pages in a style that is easy to understand.

Check out the article I have linked you into below by Neil Patel and Sujan Patel

How to rank better on Google
Image source from – Article by Neil Patel and Sujan Patel


You could have the best content in the world, the most amazing audience and even traffic coming from all kinds of places like social media and referrals. But if the search engines can’t properly access, crawl and index your site none of that matters for SEO. That is why in this section you’re going to learn how to look at your website from the search engine’s point of view. You’re going to be able to do a full crawl of your own site, handle migrations, redesigns and much more.


SEO is part of the getting your website to the top of Google puzzle that is easiest for you to control. It is really just you setting up your pages correctly. Adding headings, formatting images with alt image text, researching keywords etc. It is the foundation and step one to getting better search results.

SEO optimization is going to bring you results but it is not going to make you dominate page one without other elements in place

Common Mistakes Made

Google Search is all about providing the end user with the most relevant information. When you search it is Google’s goal to give you exactly what you want along with other relevant resources that may help you.

Here is a common scenario that you find with bloggers. Which sounds better to you.

Blogger A creates a great guide to Instagram. They SEO Optimize their content so that Google loves what they do and it does to an extent.

Blogger B does exactly the same. They optimize their content but they also add a key element that Google really does love and over time will help them rank better on Google. They find and link to key resources that qualify what they are writing about. This helps on two main fronts.

1/ It confirms that what they are writing about is knowledgeable, correct and relevant.

2/ It continues the flow of information


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We know that Google strives to give the most relevant information. Blogger A provides great information but then also provides a dead end for the user. Blogger B provides great information but then qualifies it and offers the user a chance to continue their search for the most relevant information in the event that what you have written doesn’t give them the full story. When you search on Google you are not just given a single result. You are given a whole list of relevant information. Blogger A is just giving a single search result, their own article. Where as Blogger B is doing what Google does and providing multiple results.

So which article do you think that Google likes the most?

So why is this mistake made?

Well, when you link out to another resource you are helping that person or site rank higher. There are 2 types of link that you can make, DoFollow and NoFollow links. DoFollow simply means that the search bots see the link and follow the link and pass on your link juice to the link destination.

NoFollow links are seen but that is all. The search bots don’t visit the linked site. There is a fear that linking out means that you are voting another page above yours meaning that you will never rank higher than them. Perhaps there is some truth to that. But there is a much bigger picture to look at. Not linking to relevant sources may give you a small short term gain but providing relevant content resources and continuing the flow of information is what search is all about and that brings long term longevity and real results.

More mistakes

SEO is seen as the holy grail and it is not. It does bring results but have you ever looked at your competition and you think “my optimization is better yet I’m lower down the serps” Well that is because of TRUSTRANK.

How to rank better on Google

Does Google Trust Your Site? If not then you need to build your TrustRank

I used to check the search results and bang my head against the wall wondering why my site was not ranking. My articles were well written and the on-page SEO was just about perfect and yet I was still not showing or at least not where I thought I should be in the SERPS. In fact, there were lots of articles higher than mine that when I looked into it were not really SEO optimized at all yet they were beating me hands down. And the reason this was happening was TrustRank, Google trusted these other sites above my own.

When Google trusts what you do you are pretty much bullet proof. If your Trust Rank is low and you make a mistake they take you down big time. You see SEO is great but without TrustRank, on your side, the only competitors you beat are those who are not trusted.



Once Google trusts your site, your SEO doesn’t really matter that much. You are given preferential treatment. You index super fast and Google pushes you forward. The results are getting your site ranked on top of Google search and that brings masses of traffic. TrustRank is the number 1 element to help you rank better on Google

TrustRank is the number 1 element to help you rank better on Google.

How to rank better on Google – Conclusion

This article is not about providing in depth detail on How to rank better on Google. It is about showing that there is a whole mix of ingredients that need to be added for you to get the results you want. It is about being consistent with what you do and employing the best practices. SEO optimization, Internal and external link strategies and just being patient. Throughout this article, you will see that we have implemented all areas that we have written about. With that being said

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1/ Publish Relevant Content. Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great content.

2/ Update Your Content Regularly.

3/ Metadata. When designing your website, each page contains a space between the <head> tags to insert metadata, or information about the contents of your page

4/ Have a link-worthy site.

5/ Image Optimization – Use alt tags.

6/ Internal linking to relevant articles – Internal linking is a simple strategy that will help you rank better on Google.

7/ External linking to relevant information and resources.

8/ Build relationships with other bloggers and site owners.

9/ Have a Social Media strategy.

10/ Patience.

Now it is over to you. Do you have any special ways to help you rank better on Google?

Let me know in the comments below.



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    I use Yoast plugging in WordPress. It helps me create SEO friendly content.
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      Yoast SEO is only part of it. It is all about TrustRank, but to get Trust you must have some SEO skills so it is a catch 22 really.

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