A very simple video guide on how to LIKE The8App content that you find and appreciate on The8App Feeds

Tweet This THE8APP IS ALL ABOUT ENGAGEMENT AND SHOWING APPRECIATION FOR THE CONTENT THAT YOU SEE. This is done by giving Likes, Comments and Shares. Engagement is how you, in turn, receive engagement to what you share on The8App.

Giving likes, comments and shares will bring you likes, comments and shares and ultimately more followers to your 8App profile.

What are Likes, Comments, and Shares, and why do we need them?

Likes, comments, and shares are different forms of social engagement within social media. Giving Likes is really just an acknowledgement that you, well like what you see. Instagram is a social site built on Likes. They are the main form of engagement there. Other sites like Facebook and Twitter work more with comments and look to drive the conversation.

Giving likes is a very basic form of engagement, highly popular on more app-based social sites like The8App. They give you the potential to get tons more engagement because you are leaving a calling card.

When you click Like or leave a comment or participate in any kind of social engagement on a social media then normally (depending on the site) a notification goes to the content creator or a link back to you is left to alert the content creator that there has been some social engagement around their content. LIKES COMMENTS SHARES


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Watch the video below to find out how to Like The8App content on your feed

Double tap content that you want to like so that the animated heart appears.

Alternatively, click the Like (Heart) button on the right of the screen



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