How to grow your 8App followers

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How to grow your followers


How to grow your 8App FOLLOWERS

Growing your 8App followers is dead easy. It really is as simple as just using the site and social app correctly. 8Appers like to see active and engaging users, they want Likes, Comments and Shares and ultimately more views to the content that they produce. If you are engaging consistently then you are gonna pick up 8App followers and make connections because you are the kind of 8Apper 8App members want to connect with.

Forget any kind of automation you may come across

Social media automation just makes you appear unauthentic. You may make some gains but ultimately the follower count is just a number when automation is used. What really counts for your views is if your followers are active with you and for that to be the case your approach to growing your follower has to be very organic. There are no shortcuts that work that make you organic. The only use for automation is really just to manage inactive members within social accounts.

How to grow your 8app followers how to 8 app


The8App is about to explode. With explosive growth comes new members and with new members comes new followers, lots of them.


With The8App you will become one of those members who others look at and say “wow you have a lot of followers” and that is because you did it right and rode The8App wave. You got in early, it won’t be as easy for those coming in after the explosive growth.

Let’s take Instagram as an example. You have everyday members with many 1000s of followers. These are the guys that jumped onto the platform in the early stages. Facebook then buys the App and the platform is flooded with millions of members looking to follow the influencers. It is a very different story if you make an Instagram today. Try to get a following now and you will struggle.

All the follower automation available for social sites makes it easy to see who follows who, who is playing games and unfollowing and the whole experience becomes musical chairs. THIS IS WHAT YOU DON’T WANT!

So how do you grow your followers the right way?

Just be consistent in what you do. Post often. Visit others 8Appers profiles and comment on their content. Reply to comments you receive. Run challenges on your page to get members engaging … GET NOTICED that’s the secret and of course to follow me 😉




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