How to boost your social media traffic

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How to boost your social media traffic

If your social channels are like a ghost town then it’s time to take action and boost your social media traffic. Here are some handy tips and follow along working examples.

It all starts with great content

It is a strategy of mine to just about always add a visual to any content that I share. As a blogger, I am aware of just how important images are. They not only grab the attention but they also offer you the opportunity to show a product or to tell a story or simply to build a brand and grow brand awareness.

Just look at Instagram for example and you will find endless big brands falling over themselves to show you what they are doing. No one does this better on Instagram than Adidas on their Adidas Originals page. Notice their use of visuals and text. And here is how we do it on HowTo8App.

HowTo8App Instagram post - How to boost your social media traffic
Food on The8App – 847 likes and counting

Images also provide you with other opportunities to build traffic. For example images, funnily enough, tend to get curated to sites like Pinterest. Pinned images provide a very valuable traffic generating link back to you. They are also very useful within your SEO strategy.

Adding alt text and descriptions and even some tags to images helps Google find and categorize your images within Google Images. To see it working click the Save to Pinterest button that appears when you hover over an image.

How to boost social media traffic - Pinterest
Sharing images from HowTo8App to Pinterest carries the Hashtags to Pinterest categorizing your content instantly.



Adding text tells the story the image is not enough on its own. Explain what is going on, give your opinion, ask questions. You need to generate a response on an emotional level to leverage your followers to comment, or like or share. There are 8 emotions that will make readers share your content and give an instant boost to your social media traffic. Do you know what they are?

Make your content easily shareable

We have touched on this above already with Pinterest but here is another example of how this can work.

If you have a blog or a website then make sharing options available to your readers. But where possible take it a step further. Most social sharing plugins will just generate a title and a link to the content being shared. This is why adding tags and descriptions to images is important because what you add in these fields when you create gets carried over when shared depending on where tey are shared.

You need to where possible control the message being shared. A basic social share attracts very little attention because it doesn’t have your personality in it.

Let me give you a working example of how this works on Twitter

Ok so firstly click the Twitter sharing option right at the bottom of the page and share to Twitter. Take a mental note of what the tweet says.

Now secondly compare the first Tweet with that being offered by the Tweet This button directly below


What do you notice?

Well, first of all, you will see that I made a point of pointing out what I wanted to be shared. The text in yellow, becomes visual, almost an image if you like. Secondly, I am able to control the message. The Tweet text is added by me and is not auto generated. Because I can control the message I can then add my username as mention and any tags to categorize.

Secondly, I am able to control the message. The Tweet text is added by me and is not auto generated. Because I can control the message I can then add my username as mention and any tags to categorize.

Because I am able to control the message I can take the opportunity to add my username as mention and any tags to categorize.

If you are able to add a unique message to shares, then you add your personality, and you are able to speak to your audience.

This also gives readers ready-made content for their feeds. You have done all the work for them. With this regard the message is important. Make it sound like your reader is saying it. It’s cheap content for them, they spend no time creating it.

For this article, I used the Tweet This WordPress Plugin but you can just as easily apply this strategy to your sites and blogs with this code below

<a href=” MESSAGE GOES HERE” target=”_blank”>Tweet this</a>

You could then get creative and add a branded Tweet this button. This is a great strategy to build your social media traffic. It will also help you to grow your Twitter Following.

For more information on How to easily create inline links then check out SocialMediaSuns guide to “Tweet this” Inline Links to Tweet on-page quotes

Who is doing what you do?

Find other members in your niche. If you like what they do then use it as inspiration to do what YOU do better. Don’t copy!. It is also a great idea to follow them and engage with them.

Know your followers

Who followers you? Do they engage? If they do then encourage their engagement. Consider mentions in posts when you know they will like what you have created. Engagement breeds engagement. Sometimes you will need to help get that ball rolling. Reply to mentions and comments that you receive, you have to build relationships.

How to boost your social media traffic – Takeaways

This article is really just written to help make you think outside of the box. Yes, a lot of what I have written has come from a blogger point of view, but there is still a lot that corresponds to a straight Social only presence. The challenge here is to take what I have shown you and try to apply it to a social only strategy. You have seen some pretty cool examples of how you can make content easily shareable for Twitter and Pinterest.

Now it is over to you. Do you have any cool sharing tricks?

Let me know in the comments below.




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