A very simple video guide to creating 8App stories with The8App

How to create 8App Stories - HOWTO8APP

There are 2 types of posts that you can create on The8App. You can create Moments and 8App Stories. Moments are single, stand alone posts. 8App Stories are posts that are groups of images or videos or simply text posts. Or they can be a mix of all three. You can add to Story posts, updating them with new content.

I have written in detail about 8App Moments and stories on my Getting Started Guide To The8App on Infobunny. A snippet and like to the article is below.

Moments and 8App Stories

There are 2 ways to add content to The8App. Moments and 8App Stories. Moments are stand alone post that is shown on your feed.

While moments are a onetime deal adding a story is a little different. 8App Stories is a very clever feature. You to add images, videos or text as a story and then continue to add to that story. It is kind of like a sub feed that holds content you have curated, or a folder keeping everything together. The first image that you add to a story is the cover shot of the story. Every time you add to the story the cover shot reappears in your feed.

The 8 App – Introduction and Getting Started Guide

1/ Select one or more images or videos and tap next. You can edit, add stickers, text, emoji, filters, captions and size your images.

2/ From the post screen, you can title your new 8App story, post privately or share with everyone.

Getting to know The8App


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