How to build your social influence with Instagram

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How to build your social influence on Instagram

We are all social Influencers. Sue Fennessy CEO of The8App published a great article entitled The Rise Of The Nano Influencer where she talks about how it is the power of the people, the 99% who have made Facebook and Google what they are today, and built their 1 trillion dollar value.

The nano-influencer doesn’t realize they are such a crucial part of this ecosystem. The nano influencer is the most powerful group of people and our goal is to give them the tools to monetize their creativity and influence for their own personal empowerment, and finally realize their value.

It doesn’t matter how big your circle is. What matters is that you are prepared to drop your content into the mix and create that ripple. You need to understand that you are a social media influencer

How to build your social influence with Instagram


Ripples are felt. When content speaks to people they will take notice. Instagram is a social site that speaks to members through images. There are no

Instagram is a social site that speaks to members through images. There are no clickable links on Instagram apart from the one profile link that you are allowed.

Because of these limitations or as I like to view them challenges some just don’t get Instagram. But with a member base of over 700 million monthly active users as of April 2017 it has become a social giant.

How to promote The8App on Instagram
Number of monthly active Instagram users from January 2013 to April 2017 (in millions)
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How to build your social influence with Instagram

It’s all about the images

It really is all about your images. You have to create eye-catching images that people will love. And stick to a theme. If your thing is food then you create images around your food theme. You don’t then post pictures of the sky or anything else that is unrelated. If you do all you have then is confused, followers. Stick with what you know, become an Instagram Influencer for what you know.

Regram (share) related content

It is always a good idea to share related content and then shout-out the owner. Grab other influencers attention. You will gain some really cool niche followers if you do that. And you may well get a reciprocal shout-out that will give your Instagram Influence an instant boost

Be consistent

As with all forms of social media, you need to post consistently. Instagram requires daily attention and interaction. If you can stay consistent you will build your social influence over time. You need to post at least once a day. But be sure to make what you post good enough to get noticed.

Max out your HashTags

Hashtags are a must to be seen. If you are not sure how Hashtags work you can refer to My simple guide to hashtags or you can refer to Taylor Lorens Ultimate Guide To Instagram Hashtags which is pretty comprehensive. You are allowed to use a maximum of 30 hashtags. So load your posts up with relevant tags to drive the traffic.

Engage with others

Likes are what makes Instagram tick and a great way to build your social influence. It’s a quick form of interaction that takes no time at all really. Comments are also a great form of interaction. Get the conversation started by leaving compliments or asking questions or different opinions.




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