What’s Better, 8App Moments or 8App Story posts?

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What's Better, 8App Moments or 8App Story posts?

Well, the answer to the question depends on how you use The8App.

A Moment post is exactly that, a moment in time captured. Moment posts populate your feed in published order.

An 8App story post is a collection of posts. So if you like creating content on a diverse range of topics then Story Posts are perfect so that you can categorize them and keep them all together.

When you create or add to a Story the lead image re-shows on your feed and not the new content. I have written before about creating a lead image that represents your 8App story. Think of it like a book cover. This image shows every time as a notification that new content has been added. For more information on how to create 8App Story posts visit How to create an 8App Story

The Downside Of Story Posts

If there is a downside then it is that your new content is not shown in your feed and is only seen if users then take note of the cover image showing as notification of an update and click through.

The Upside To 8App Story Posts

And there definitely is an upside is that when someone visits a story they tend to then click through the story giving you many, many more views.

So What’s Better, 8App Moments or 8App Storys?

Well, there is no definitive answer. If you post the odd selfie or just produce content that doesn’t need to be categorized then Moments post are the way. If you post specifically about niches then Storys are probably a better way to post so that related content is kept together.

An even better way to post is to create content for both Moments and Storys. 😉

HowTo8App Star Tip

Promote your Storys. Screen capture a Story page you want to get more engagement on and create a moment post to advertise the awesome content that you have created.

Here Is One Of My Favorite 8App Storys

Love Movies Love Tv on The8App
My favorite 8App story that I have created – Love Movies Love Tv


So which do you think is better, Moments or 8App Story Posts? Instagram also has a similar feature




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