How to boost views to your 8App stories

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The8App - how to boost views to your 8 app stories

When video ads are viewed within your 8App stories you receive ad revenues to your account. Here are some tips to get members to view your stories and click through posts within your stories.

Story posts have a big advantage over moments posts in that you can group related content together.

I’m a Movie and Tv addict. I have created a story around my favorite movie and tv trailers and related news. I will use this 8App story as an example. The image below shows the desktop version of my story.


When you get a visitor to a story you tend to get a lot of views as the member scrolls through. This is because they are interested in all the content and not just the initial post that got them there. The downside is that when you add to a story it is the first post that you added to the story that gets shown.

This is not really a problem if you make your first post a cover image. A really good image that promotes the story. You’re effectively creating an advert for your story. You can even take this idea further and make more than one cover image so that you can rotate the cover image to keep your story looking fresh and appealing. Every time the cover story image shows is then an indication that the story has been updated

This next Tip is really important if you add YouTube Videos because

YouTube videos are not monetized on The8App because they are not original content. Now this is a problem if your story is just YouTube videos.

So how do we fix this?

Well, the simple fix is you add original content in within the videos. Check the screen capture of my story below


A video ad will show after the 8 platform has seen 2 original posts. So if you just post videos no ad will show. If however, you add 2 original posts within the story an ad will show after the second original post has been shown. Adding a cover image as discussed above counts as original post number 1 and as soon as original post number 2 is shown the ad shows.

If there are 10 videos between the cover image and the second original post within the story then the ad will show after the 10th video. In the image example above the ad shows after the 4th video.

So what is key with stories and Youtube videos is that you really mix up the content that you add,. Don’t just post blocks of videos, you want images and text posts between them so that ads show.

Bring niche views to your 8App stories

It is not just views to stories from 8App members that qualify for monetization. Outside views also count so it is a great idea to share your own content to other social sites. You need to be sharing them withing groups that are the same niche as your content. Better still you can create your own groups just like I have done on Facebook.

As you probably know by now I am not the biggest Facebook fan. In fact, I would go as far as to say that


But saying this Facebook does have some value and that lies in Facebook Groups.

I have created a Love Movies Love Tv Facebook group that I can share my 8App movie content to. The big advantage of creating your own group is simply that you are in control of where you are sharing to


Another great idea would be to create Pinterest Pin Boards specifically for 8App stories. If you have a pin button attached to your browser you can pin images from The8App straight onto any boards you make and the text information and hashtags will transfer over with the images.

Hope i have given you some ideas how to boost your views. If you need any points clarified or just have a question then drop me a comment below and i will come back to you.

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    This is great advise – I do it similar in stories! Worth reading this!

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