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Getting to know The8App

Tweet This 8APP IS A FUN,,CREATIVE, AND INSPIRING SOCIAL COMMUNITY THAT ALLOWS YOU TO TELL STORIES THROUGH PHOTOS AND VIDEO. Build your audience. Grow your social influence and make money from your popular content. When you download the 8app you will be joining the thousands of celebrities, brands, social stars, and inspirational artists from all over the world, in a revolutionary social platform that is built to reward YOU.

UPDATE 28/04/2017 – The Sponsor Feed is LIVE

Here is how to setup the Sponsor Feed as a new and existing member

Navigation for The8App Sponsor Feed replaces that of the 8App Chat Feature which has now moved to the profile page.



Add a cool profile picture and background. If you are present on other social networks then continue your brand from those socials to The8App.



Your pictures, selfies, what ever it is that you like to share with your audience




On The8App you can:

  • Accept ads from brands you like and earn money when ads are shown within your photos and videos.
  • Group your photos and videos into “stories” that enable you visually bookmark your content.
  • Discover news, funny videos, style inspiration, food, sports updates and much more across different channels to find the very best of 8.
  • Enhance your images and videos with free filters and effects in the photo and video editor.
  • Free analytic tools that help you track your audience. See who likes your stories, and control your ads.
  • Share 8 photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and your other social channels.
  • Don’t want to earn rewards? no problem. Join to share fun family photos. Selfies and videos of your adventures like never before with 8’s amazing mobile first design. Pay your daily rewards forward to an 8App charity of choice.


Watch this short video to Get To Know The8App

Ready to get started? Download The8App from app stores. Alternatively, join us at

Check out our Introduction to The8App and getting started guide

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