The8App Monetization Explained Part 1

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So how does monetization on The8App work?

In this How To 8App article, we are going to break down how The8App Monetization works. Members are paid in 2 ways. They are paid for views received to the ads that show on their content. And from sponsorship deals from the Sponsor Feed. I am going to break this guide to monetization down into 2 parts. Part 1 will cover The8App monetization via ads and the second part will cover the Sponsor Feed.

The8App Monetization Explained

The8App Monetization via ads

Members are paid for views received to ads that show between their Moments and Stories. There must be a minimum of 2 posts per story for ads to show within that story.

So If you joined The8App from Tsu then you are probably going to be a bit confused as to how payments are calculated. With Tsu, we were paid for our total daily views and rewarded a % against the days total advertising revenue that was determined by an overly complicated top secret algorithm. We were paid for views. The more views the bigger daily reward.

The8App is very different it that we are the Webmaster of our profile and are required to get interaction with the ads in the form of them being watched.Content views on The8App are not as important as you are not paid for views. You are paid for unique views to ads. As Webmasters, we must create quality content that attracts other members and keeps them on our pages.

The quality of content will very much be a focus point in Part 2 of this The8App monetization guide when we explain the Sponsor Feed

Does a Video Ad have to complete to be credited?

the8app monetization

This is up to the ad buyer.  All ads are purchased on an open market auction and the buyers can set the parameters.  If they want to require the ad to be fully viewed for payment, that is up to them.

So I view an ad on Bob’s page and then view it again on Sams page do both views credit or just the first unique view?

If the same ad appears in 500 different profiles, each view on each different profile is counted separately, even if it is the same unique person.


The ad system is an AdSense type deal in that we are paid on a CPM basis (Cost Per 1000 views)

This is how ad buyers bid on and subsequently pay for commercials. For example, if they bid $1.00 CPM that means they are paying $0.001 per unique ad view (1/10 of one US cent).

The8App is all about quality. Quality is what brings value to the network. New members, higher CPM rates, more followers are all results of focusing on creating quality content.

So focus on quality!


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