How to donate to charity for FREE

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HERE IS HOW TO DONATE TO CHARITY FOR FREE! Yesterday I made my first $8 donation to charity on The8App. This wasn’t money that I paid out of my own pocket. This was winnings from Round 2 of We Rise Together on The8App. The8App is a social media site and app that rewards members for their¬†activity then allows you to cash the money out via Paypal or to pay it forward to charity. Not everyone is comfortable with earning income … Read More

The8App Monetization Explained Part 1

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So how does monetization on The8App work? In this How To 8App article, we are going to break down how The8App Monetization works. Members are paid in 2 ways. They are paid for views received to the ads that show on their content. And from sponsorship deals from the Sponsor Feed. I am going to break this guide to monetization down into 2 parts. Part 1 will cover The8App monetization via ads and the second part will cover the Sponsor … Read More

How to grow your 8App followers

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  How to grow your 8App FOLLOWERS Growing your 8App followers is dead easy. It really is as simple as just using the site and social app correctly. 8Appers like to see active and engaging users, they want Likes, Comments and Shares and ultimately more views to the content that they produce. If you are engaging consistently then you are gonna pick up 8App followers and make connections because you are the kind of 8Apper 8App members want to connect … Read More

The8App Social Blast

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Are you ready for the next 8App Social Blast? The8App is a new social app/site that is creating waves in the social WHY?. Because The8App is rewarding content creators for the content that they produce and creating social influencers. On the 8th of every month, we want 8appers actively spreading the message that there is a social revolution happening. Here is what you need to do Create engaging images and graphics and share them on their social channels to show … Read More

Join The8App Social Revolution

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  The8App is a social app and website that is challenging members to claim back their voice For far too long social sites have been trading off of our work, copy and our social influence. All content that we produce on social sites like Facebook and Twitter is gently caressed with advertising with the proceeds going to to the sites. Your content generates income that produces huge profits for these social sites. Your pictures, your videos, your conversations, When a … Read More