How to build your social influence with Instagram

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We are all social Influencers. Sue Fennessy CEO of The8App published a great article entitled The Rise Of The Nano Influencer where she talks about how it is the power of the people, the 99% who have made Facebook and Google what they are today, and built their 1 trillion dollar value. The nano-influencer doesn’t realize they are such a crucial part of this ecosystem. The nano influencer is the most powerful group of people and our goal is to give them … Read More

How do I embed a YouTube Video?

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So, how do you embed (add) a YouTube video to your site? The answer to the question depends really on the platform or site that you are adding the video too. In this article, I will be covering in detail how to embed a Youtube video to WordPress. How do I embed a YouTube video in WordPress? The method of embedding a YouTube Video on WordPress really depends on the WP Theme that you are using. There are two main … Read More

FREE Instagram to Pinterest Automation sharing Trick

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Anyone interested in an Instagram to Pinterest sharing trick? Take a look at these screen captures below that I have added to this article. The first image is a screen capture of my Instagram Profile. Now compare my Instagram profile image to the screen capture of my Pinterest Instagram board. So Whats The Difference? Well, the only difference is that the Instagram image shows my Instagram profile page and the Pinterest image shows my Instagram Pin Board and not my … Read More