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You know what they say


If you don’t have a Social Media Plan and you are looking to grow a following or use social media marketing to promote a small business or a product then where is your start point. How do you know where you are, where you need to go. You know where you want to be but how do you get from A to B to C? Well, you need a social media plan.

Now don’t worry, I’m the worst planner on the web. I’m not a patient person I would much rather get on with it than sit down and work out a huge marketing strategy or social plan. I don’t sit down and write ideas down, everything is just in my head. I know my start point and I know where I want to go the bit in the middle is filled in with ideas from just getting on and doing it and that is how I work out my social media plan. That being said there are a few things that you must do in order for any social media plan to succeed

It is absolutely key that you know where you want to be

If you don’t know where you want to be then it is like jumping on a random bus. You have no clue where the final destination is going to be.

Here are some questions you need to consider

Where is it that you want to go?

Do you want to sell a product?

Are you looking to use social media in business?

Maybe you are looking to brand yourself?

Are you looking to build a following and become the next selfie queen?

You need to be clear on where you want to head to have any kind of success.

From A to B to C – B is the most important step in any Social Media Plan

You know where you are, and you know where you want to go. The hard part is knowing how to get there. So what’s the plan?

Set up your social base

I’m assuming that you have a Facebook, a Twitter, that you are on Instagram and maybe The8App. If you are not then the first step of your social media plan is to join all of these networking sites and then some. The more sites you are a member of the better. Which of these Social Platforms is your base, your home? Which are you most comfortable on?

Tweet This  NOW IF YOU ARE THINKING FACEBOOK THEN STOP!… FACEBOOK IS ONLY A GOOD OPTION IF YOU WNAT TO WORK HARD REALLY REALLY HARD. have restricted views, create pointless fan pages that no one sees and ultimately get no results to speak of. Ok, I’m being a bit hard on Facebook because it does work if you have an advertising budget  and the groups are very good and the messenger is very also useful. But there are much better options for a social base that will return much more engagement and traffic and that is what you need.

If you are new to social media and you are inexperienced on all social sites then look to Twitter or The8App. Instagram is great but has limitations with regards to getting your audience to click. Pinterest likewise, you can’t just share a message, it has to be in the form of a picture so it’s more time-consuming. Twitter and The8App are different in that you can just create a message with a link. You can implement an image or a video if you want to. You just have more options to get the message out.

So choose your base. All other sites serve your chosen social home, they become sub-bases.

Set out your social media plan

I work extremely fast. Like I said earlier I hold my hands up and can say I probably don’t plan enough. Most of my planning happens in my head and when I get an idea that’s when I run with it and adapt it into my plan. But I can do this because I have built up a foundation of knowledge and social sites. I’m clear on where my base is and how I use my channels to get from A to B to C.

Until you are confident on where you are and how to get to B you need to be reaching for your pen or opening up a text document and writing or typing your ideas.

Here are some questions that you need to answer

What is it that you want to achieve?

Are you selling, promoting a business, building a brand?

Where is your social base?

How will you get your social media message out to your followers?

What is the plan to grow your followers?

How do you get from A to B To C?

Research what you are trying to achieve. There are endless articles out there that will help you make decisions and answer questions. Remember there are many points of view on the web so take what makes sense to you and use that, but cross reference. Just cause it makes sense doesn’t mean it will work for you. There is always trial and error involved and that’s the learning curve everyone has to embrace.

Write the answers down, type them into your text doc. And start!

Create your best content on your social base

Your social base is where you implement your social media plan from unless you have a site or a blog site that you own. All your best content is created on your site if you have one and goes through your main social channel. If you don’t have a site of your own then your main social channel is where you work from. It is where you spend the bulk of your time, it’s where you build your audience and where you build your brand. It is where you answer all the questions above. All other social channels become sharing channels where you share from your base to the channels or depending on how your other channels work repeat the message to them.

It’s the message that is important

Your message is your call to action. It is how you sell your product, how you market your business and influential in growing your followers. Your message gives your audience the information they understand you.

What’s your message?


Remember people buy from people they like the connection.Your message has to be personable. Whacking the nail home with a big hammer is not the way to go. It is all about engaging and being social, becoming friends and mostly letting them become interested. The Hard Sell brings no Sale or at least not enough sales to be profitable. There is nothing worse than a sales pitch from someone you don’t know. You see this all the time on Facebook. These guys tell the story that they are an expert, the reality is they don’t really have any plan to get from A to B To C so they go straight yo C and whack you with that big fish they are trying to sell. It doesn’t work.


So, set up your chosen social site NOT FACEBOOK. Create and set up all your other social channels. Use the same username on all and use the same avatar and background (branding). Additionally, if you have a site or a WordPress then again tie them all in, same username or author name same logos, headers or at least versions so the same thing.

Plan your outcome and ways to get to where you want to be. It seriously involves engagement and content creation. Because here is the deal when you get to C that’s not the end, it’s just the last stepping stone to understanding how to succeed with social media.

If you have any thoughts on what I have said in this article or any questions just leave me a comment below, I will be happy to answer them.




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    You are right, Dexter. This does tie in well with this post.

    Great job laying out all of the important considerations for creating a social media plan.

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