How to become a social media influencer

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So do you want to become a social media influencer?

Do you want to become an authority on a subject that you know about and are interested in?

How to become a social media influencer

Would you like to be an influencer on Instagram? Or maybe an authority on Twitter?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then the good news is, “all of this is very achievable if you are willing to research your niche and put your own ideas into what you share”. After all, we are already all Nano Influencers as explained by The8App Founder and CEO Sue Fennessy on her recent Huffington Post article.

The Rise of The Nano Influencer

Mathematically, a nano anything is 10 to the power of -9. Essentially, it’s one billionth of anything. In our world of over 7.5 billion people, that means the individual person is nano. They used to call us consumers, and in the media industry, we are referred to as eyeballs ad ‘users’ but that would insinuate that we consume and don’t produce or create; which would be incorrect. In the world of social media, the nano are the most powerful people on the planet, and most don’t know their value. They have one billionth of the world’s population in their immediate orbit. The average person has 8 friends and family who they are likely to engage with and influence, whether it’s passively or actively.

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Here is how you get started right now. Here is a working example of how to do it.

So answer questions, but where are the questions?

There are lot’s of question and answer sites. The best one being Quora. Quora is more than a question and answer site, it is more a social site. You can also blog there making it a blogging social site as well which really helps you become an influencer on social media.

Here is an example of how I use Quora

I recently post an article on Infobunny called How to get paid on social media 

The article delves into how The8App has launched The8App Sponsor Feed and how you can now receive sponsorship offers from brands to share their message on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and The8App.

The goal in this scenario is to have the answers to questions that are asked and to be an authority and lead them back to my article and ultimately back to The8App to join us. But to answer questions you first have to find the questions to answer. And this is as easy as just asking the question in the Quora search box.

So I typed in the question “How do I get paid to post on Instagram” and got some very useful results as you can see below.


are you a social media influencer


All of these are questions that I can answer

“How can I get paid through Instagram?” 

“How do Instagrammers get paid?” 

But the one that I chose to answer was “

How do people get sponsored/paid for posts on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)?

because I can answer this question in full because The8App Sponsor Feed covers every part of this question.

Here is the answer that I gave

This is an easy one to answer, you just get an 8App account (download the8app from the app store or visit The8App) and take advantage of the sponsor offers you get from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and The8App. I have written a long article called How to get paid on social media and it explains how The8App Social Feed works and how you can get sponsored.

Hope this helps regards Dexter


social media influencer Quora Question

As you can see I also went visual to grab attention.

This answer now serves to provide me as an authority on the subject of the question and not only provides the answer but also provides more detailed information that can be found on my sites through the links that I added in the answer.

Taking this to the next level

Answering Quora questions are great but answering Quora questions that appear on the Google SERPs is an even better idea.

If you search the term “get paid to post on social media” you will come across a very similar result to the one that I got on my Google search below

social media influencer Search results

Why is this useful?

Well, this search result is useful to me because this How to get paid to post on social media question ranks a couple of spots higher than my article on Infobunny. So this is a great opportunity to funnel some traffic to my article and to also help the rank. A page that is competition on a keyword phrase linking into you is a very good thing. Now the links you can add to Quora comments are Nofollow links and not Dofollow. So no real rank is passed on, but as we know we still need relevant Nofollow links and you can’t more relevant than this.

Here is how I answered  the search result question

How do you get paid to post on your social media

There is actually a new way to get paid to post on social media and that involves The8App. They already share 80% rev from ads… now they have launched their sponsor feed where brands can sponsor you to share their message. This not just an 8 feature. It also encompasses Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. And going forward there is no reason why Quora couldn’t be added in the future. The8App is worth a very close look

Regards Dexter

How to become a social media influencer – Conclusion

Ok, so this won’t turn you into a social media influencer overnight. What it will do is get you noticed by those whose questions you answer. You will then get follows, and also get asked to answer more questions. Your opinion and answers become useful and meaningful and valued.And that is really the first step to becoming a social media influencer. The challenge is then applying this method and others across your other channels.

I hope this article has proven useful to you. If you have any questions then feel free to leave them as a comment below. I will be happy to answer them. If you are on The8App then see you there.



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  1. Bluetechno
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    Nice idea with Quora. I should use it! Yes with the8app you can really be a social media influencer and it’s more easier on 8 than instagram or twitter.

  2. Denise
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    Once upon a time, I did check out Quora, but, I was not looking for another site. Now, I can see its usefulness and be knocking on their door soon.

    The 8App offers you the opportunity to become an influencer, but, it is up to you to take that and do something with it.

    As alway, thanks for your articles and insight. #WeRiseTogether

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    Thanks for sharing excellent content. You have shared some spectacular tips -with quora- which are very useful for me as blogger (y)
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