How to post a photo to The8App

A very simple guide to posting images to The8App

The8App is an incredible social site that supports and rewards content creators and the content that they produce. Photography, Music, Movies, Art, Fashion, the 8App loves it all.

Here is a very simple video guide to help you get started creating content. Here is how you post a photo to The8App. When you have watched the video sure to check the menu bar above. There are lot’s more Getting Started How To video guides.

How to post a photo with The8app

  • Post a photo by tapping the button at the bottom of your mobile screen located centrally on the menu bar.
  • Click the image icon to upload a photo stored on your mobile
  • Select the image that you would like to post and share on The8App and then click Next
  • Use the tools at the bottom to add an interesting caption or description or both to the selected image. You can have fun with emojisĀ and stickers and resize and change the characteristics of your image.
  • Hit Next again. You can then select if you would like to post your photo to Moments (single post). Or to a new or existing Story (group of images). Hit the post button when you have decided the type of post you are making and you are done.
The8app getting started videos The8App Getting Started Videos

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