How to quickly find 8App Comments when mentioned

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How to manage your 8App comments On busy active 8App posts that have lot’s of 8App comments it is often hard to find replies to comments that you make or when mentioned. You get notifications telling you that you have had a reply but when you go to to the post you are shown oldest comments first and it is not easy to find replies. Here the HowTo8App quick way to find comment replies quickly on the mobile version of … Read More

Scott BurnHard Bernard – HowTo8App Feature

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Scott BurnHard Bernard – The Body By Burnhard Based in New York City. I’m a motivational speaker, coach, celebrity trainer, (Online coach) and forever a student towards LIFE! Image Source Scott BurnHard Bernard The8App The journey of Scott “BurnHard” Bernard of Burnhard Fitness After breaking my right arm three times during my childhood I suffered severe nerve damage for 9 months. The doctor said I would never be able to play sports again or risk amputation. I used to live my … Read More

HowTo8App Share Club

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We have an incredible platform in The8App. Sue Fennessy and the Team really have created something very special for us to use and share our creativity on. The8App is built. There is ongoing development and investment to continue to make The8App better and better. The8App team are doing their bit. It is now our responsibility as members to help promote The8App and populate the platform. Let’s build the social site that we all want. Invite your friends to 8 because The8App … Read More

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