How to build your social influence with Instagram

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We are all social Influencers. Sue Fennessy CEO of The8App published a great article entitled The Rise Of The Nano Influencer where she talks about how it is the power of the people, the 99% who have made Facebook and Google what they are today, and built their 1 trillion dollar value. The nano-influencer doesn’t realize they are such a crucial part of this ecosystem. The nano influencer is the most powerful group of people and our goal is to give them … Read More

Where do you spend your time online?

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There seems to be no end of choice as to where you can spend your time online. You can shop, watch Tv, stream live events and so much more. Social media remains the big player keeping web users online. It helps us tell our story and keep in contact with our friends and family. Helps business’es to grow, it now even helps the media with breaking news stories as we can now all become location reporters. But where do you spend your … Read More

How do I embed a YouTube Video?

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So, how do you embed (add) a YouTube video to your site? The answer to the question depends really on the platform or site that you are adding the video too. In this article, I will be covering in detail how to embed a Youtube video to WordPress. How do I embed a YouTube video in WordPress? The method of embedding a YouTube Video on WordPress really depends on the WP Theme that you are using. There are two main … Read More

How to make your post title a clickable link

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Links can often look ugly and unappealing especially when they are over long and just a jumble of meaningless characters. The post link can often also be missed when placed at the end of a post and hidden behind a read more link. There are a few things that you can do on The8App that will really help this problem. You Can… Use a link shortener. Here is Adweek’s Top 5 URL shorteners Make your post title a clickable link. If … Read More

8App Introduces The8App Text Tool

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Introducing The8App Text Tool The way we add content to The8App via the App recently changed under the latest update. The old system allowed you to add a Description and a Caption. The original Caption Feature has been renamed as the Text Tool. The Description Feature has moved to the back of the posting process and is now called Caption. How to add a Caption and Description 1/ To add a Caption (Text) click the Text Tool and type in … Read More

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