My Simple Guide To Hashtags

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What are Hashtags And How Do I Use Them?

Hashtags originated on the Twitter platform and are now commonplace on just about all social sites.They are incredibly useful because they help you categorize your content and help you find posts that are using hashtags.

Hashtags open your content up to a much wider audience. They are basically a filing system for Tweets, Instagram shares, Pinterest pins and 8App posts, if the platform accepts hashtags then you can use them to categorize and search content.

How do I create a Hashtag?

Well as Hashtags originated on Twitter, let’s use Twitter as our example. Firstly decide the name of the tag you would like to use and add the # symbol to the start of the word and that is really just about it.

Click this tag #the8app and take a look at the Twitter page that opens up.


You are greeted with a page that lists all the tweets that have shared content using The8App tag.

Using Hashtags is like adding labels to your content.

How to use Hashtags – A simple guide to Hashtags

Tweet This


If you are looking for maximum exposure to the content you create then you could tag your shares into popular tags for example if you are a photographer and take pictures of flowers then you could tag your images with a popular tag like #floweroftheday or #flowers.

When you do this it puts your pictures and posts into a big feed of related content. This is great for traffic but not so great if you want to quickly find a post a few weeks later because when you search those tags you will need to sift through a lot of content to find your creations.

If you want to find your content quicker or you want to keep it separate from everyone else’s then you can use unique tags. Just create a unique name that no one else has, for example, I could use #DexterRoonaImages then when I search for the tag all I see is my posts that I have categorized with that tag. Better still use both a unique tag and some popular ones and benefit from both strategies.

Better still use both a unique tag and some popular ones and benefit from both strategies.

Word Of Warning

When using a hashtag especially a unique tag do a quick search to make sure its not being used and if it is what it is being used for. You might be associating your posts with content that you really do not like.


As a rule, I would normally use 3 or so tags per post. You have no choice if you are sending a tweet because of the tweet character length restriction.

Stick to the 3 tags rule on other socials like The8App and Pinterest. You can add a few more if you are adding a body of text then you can make keywords within the text tags. Then also have hashtags at the end.

When you add tags to the post text you are hiding the tags within the copy, they become part of the post.

Avoid adding masses of tags at the end, it looks really spammy. Instagram is an example of a social where we see hashtag spam. You can add around 30 tags to an image you share on Instagram, but just because you can don’t mean that you should because it looks really, really spammy.

With Instagram I tend to add 5 or 6 tags, that is still a lot and you are by no means the bad guy when you see constant images with 30 tags added.

Keep it relevant

Particularly on Instagram, you find members just adding the most popular tags topics regardless of relevance just so they are seen as much as possible. The question is are the people seeing what you add to the platform interested in what you have shared? Well, probably not.

If you are a Personel Trainer then tag your images into #Fitness #Health #Exercise and not into #cats #music and whatever else is most popular

My 8App Guide To Hashtags On The8App

Well as mentioned throughout this article the rules are pretty much the same on The8App as they are everywhere else but here are the headlines again.

Well, that’s the end of my guide to hashtags, if you have any questions then feel free to leave them as comments below and I will follow up.




Update 15/11/2017 – Back on September Pinterest added hashtag functionality. You can read more on Pinterest Hashtags – Everything you need to know about hashtags


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