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We have an incredible platform in The8App. Sue Fennessy and the Team really have created something very special for us to use and share our creativity on. The8App is built. There is ongoing development and investment to continue to make The8App better and better. The8App team are doing their bit. It is now our responsibility as members to help promote The8App and populate the platform.

Let’s build the social site that we all want.

Invite your friends to 8 because The8App is so much more fun when you have friends on 8. And with this in mind, I have come up with an idea to help make this happen and to help YOU and everyone who takes part in this get seen. And at the same bring in new members to 8 so that we grow.

HowTo8App Share Club

So my idea. Well getting likes comments and shares is great on The8App, but that doesn’t get us seen outside on 8. Now you may get a share to Facebook or to Twitter or where ever and that is much more valuable because we have a whole new potential audience who can visit us and maybe even join. And we really want the join part with WeRiseTogether Round 2 Starting ($5000 in Prizes 😉 )

So a share to another platform is great but what if we could harness the power of The8App members and turn 1 share into 10 or 20… would that expand your reach? Will it help The8App? Will it increase your revenue? Of course, it will, and that is what The HowTo8App Share Club is, members helping members and paying it forward.

HowTo8App Share Club - The8App

So here is how it works

I will create a post on The8App titled something like TheHowTo8App Share Club. I will then ask you to leave information on what you want to be shared. If you have made a Tweet and want it retweeted then tell us. Leave the link to the tweet for us to retweet. If Facebook is your thing, firstly WHY Lol and secondly link us in so we can like it and re-share. That’s the basic premise of how it will work.

Now this bit is important

If you retweet, if you Facebook like or share, tell the member you have done so on the master Post on The8App that I create so that they know and can then reciprocate. When you do get a notification and comment saying someone has paid it forward then you MUST do the same. If you don’t then that member who helped you won’t again next time. We have to reciprocate, we have to work as a team and a group.

You can’t just leave what you want sharing and then not participate, it just won’t work for you. So that is it.

So that is it. We all can really help The8App by taking part in the Share Club!

Let me know what you think of this idea in the comments below!


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  1. Denise
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    This is basically used on most sites (although,more as a common courtesy thing, you scratch my back….)

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