Getting started video guide - how to navigate the8app feeds -HOWTO8APP

A simple getting started video guide on how to navigate The8App feeds.

The8App is a great social site and app full of incredible content creators. There really is some very cool content on The8App from artists such as Suzanne Heintz

Renowned Artist Suzanne Heintz recently closed her YouTube Channel in favor of The8App. Here Suzanne talks YouTube, The8App and the future of Social Media.

to very talented musicians like Sabrina Signs. There really is content to cover every niche.

Sabrina Signs is a multi-talented musician hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a producer, DJ, and singer, making her very special. She will entertain you with her original songs and mixes. Her singing background includes R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Dance.

This video guide steps you through how to navigate the many cool 8App feeds so that you can quickly and easily find content that you will love and enjoy.


How To Navigate The8App Feeds

Swipe UP for posts and stories from people you follow.

Swipe LEFT to find the discovery feeds.

Hope this How To Navigate The8App Feeds video has proven to be useful to you. There are more video guides linked on the menu bar at the top of the site under the How To tab. For a much extensive guide to The8App then refer to The8App Guide tab in the menu bar.

You can download The8app from app stores.



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