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Anyone interested in an Instagram to Pinterest sharing trick? Take a look at these screen captures below that I have added to this article. The first image is a screen capture of my Instagram Profile.

Instagram to Pinterest Free Social Sharing Automation Trick - HowTo8App

Now compare my Instagram profile image to the screen capture of my Pinterest Instagram board.

pinterest - Instagram to Pinterest Free Social Sharing Automation Trick - HowTo8App

So Whats The Difference?

Well, the only difference is that the Instagram image shows my Instagram profile page and the Pinterest image shows my Instagram Pin Board and not my Pinterest profile. The Pinterest board is a direct copy of all content that I share on Instagram.

Now this is interesting because Instagram doesn’t offer auto-share or any automation from Instagram to Pinterest. So how have I created a copy of my Instagram that updates every time I share to Instagram with no effort other than the initial set up?

More on the how in a minute let’s first answer the why?


Firstly it is not a copy, it is just the same images on 2 platforms.

It’s all to do with working smart. Pinterest and Instagram are both great sites and both incredibly visual. They are a match for each other because the member bases tend to be very visual people. It is a no brainer that if I share to one I should share to the other especially as there is no effort to share to the second site. So how is it done?

My Instagram to Pinterest sharing trick

So here is how it is done. Head over to IFTTT and make an account

ifttt Instagram to Pinterest Free Social Sharing Automation Trick - HowTo8App

After logging in scroll down the recommended for you section until you get to “Sync your new Instagrams to a Pinterest board”. And click the box.


Click to turn the automation in and then click the settings icon.

sync-your-new-instagrams-to-a-pinterest-board - Instagram to Pinterest Free Social Sharing Automation Trick - HowTo8App

Add the board name to share to and click save and you are done.


As you share to Instagram the images are then also shared to the Pinterest board that you added. The text and tags that you add are taken over with the Pinterest shares.

I hope this Instagram to Pinterest automation tutorial has given you some ideas. There are a whole host of different automation recipes you can use for different sites within the recommended for you section on IFTTT

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  1. Loretta
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    My IFTTT was being quirky and getting stuck on me, so I’ve been using Zapier the last few weeks. You can set this Instagram to Pinterest automation up over there as well 😉

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