Social Media Plan – Why you need one

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You know what they say “IF YOU DON’T HAVE A PLAN THEN YOU PLAN TO FAIL” If you don’t have a Social Media Plan and you are looking to grow a following or use social media marketing to promote a small business or a product then where is your start point. How do you know where you are, where you need to go. You know where you want to be but how do you get from A to B to … Read More

My Simple Guide To Hashtags

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What are Hashtags And How Do I Use Them? Hashtags originated on the Twitter platform and are now common place on just about all social sites.They are incredibly useful because they help you categorize your content and help you find posts that are using hashtags. Hashtags open your content up to a much wider audience. They are basically a filing system for Tweets, Instagram shares, Pinterest pins and 8App posts, if the platform accepts hashtags then you can use them … Read More

How to grow your 8App followers

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  How to grow your 8App FOLLOWERS Growing your 8App followers is dead easy. It really is as simple as just using the site and social app correctly. 8Appers like to see active and engaging users, they want Likes, Comments and Shares and ultimately more views to the content that they produce. If you are engaging consistently then you are gonna pick up 8App followers and make connections because you are the kind of 8Apper 8App members want to connect … Read More

How to rack up your 8App stats

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 HERE ARE 8 QUICK TIPS TO HELP YOU RACK UP YOUR VIEWS AND STATS ON THE8APP The8App is an incredible social media app that allows content creators to monetize the content that they create. Here are 8 very quick tips that will help you maximise the exposure that your content gets on The8App 1/ Create engaging content that involves members so that they engage in what you are doing… You are looking for likes, comments, shares and followers so grab … Read More

How to best use The8App to get results

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Here is your guide to The8App – Some do’s and don’ts The8App is just really like any other social site with one main difference, members are rewarded for the views that their content receives and from sponsorship deals made with the Big Brands from the sponsor feed. It’s great being paid to be social but the number one rule with The8App is to forget that you are paid for views and sponsorships. The moment you start to focus on money … Read More

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