HowTo8App Share Club

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We have an incredible platform in The8App. Sue Fennessy and the Team really have created something very special for us to use and share our creativity on. The8App is built. There is ongoing development and investment to continue to make The8App better and better. The8App team are doing their bit. It is now our responsibility as members to help promote The8App and populate the platform. Let’s build the social site that we all want. Invite your friends to 8 … Read More

Your content helped create a Trillion Dollar Social Media Industry

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 WHICH SOUNDS BETTER? 0% AD REVENUE RETURNED TO MEMBERS OR 80% AD REV RETURNED TO MEMBERS?  Your content helped produce a Trillion Dollar Social Media Industry Your content, your work, your passion has helped build a Trillion Dollar Social Media Industry that only a handful of companies benefit from in silicon valley Now it is time for a change and to reversed that flow of money back to members. THAT’S YOU AND ME!   So how do we … Read More

How To Make Your Content Go Viral

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What is it that makes content go viral? Look around the web and you will find marketers and content creators who are able to create content that goes viral very quickly and with very little effort. How do they do this? What is their big secret? What is it that they know that we don’t? Well, the big secret is being able to generate traffic. They are an authority in what they do and they have a killer … Read More

We Rise Together – Round 2

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We Rise Together Round 2 Following on from the incredible success of We Rise Together Round 1, The8App has announced the start date for We Rise Together Round 2. “We are so excited to announce WeRiseTogether to reward you for sharing The8App with your friends, family, and social networks.  As a thank you, we are giving away a total of $5,000 in cash prizes! THE8APP WE RISE TOGETHER CONTEST ROUND 2 STARTS JAN 8TH 2017 Invite others onto The8App and … Read More

Geek Pop Singer-Songwriter Meri Amber Talks The8App

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MERI AMBER IS A GEEK POP SINGER-SONGWRITER. THINK LASERS, KAZOOS AND NINJA STYLE WORLD DOMINATION About Meri Amber   Meri Amber is a geek pop singer-songwriter. Think lasers, kazoos and ninja style world domination. Her sound can be likened to a mesh of bright pop with a smidgen of 90s punk rock stirred in. Topped off with a generous sprinkling of pop culture samples and computer game synths. She’s performed at events as varied as comic conventions, to … Read More

FREE Instagram to Pinterest Automation sharing Trick

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Anyone interested in an Instagram to Pinterest sharing trick? Take a look at these screen captures below that I have added to this article. The first image is a screen capture of my Instagram Profile. Now compare my Instagram profile image to the screen capture of my Pinterest Instagram board. So Whats The Difference? Well, the only difference is that the Instagram image shows my Instagram profile page and the Pinterest image shows my Instagram Pin Board and … Read More

We Rise Together – The8App Contest

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Invite others onto The8App and you will get rewarded! Because let’s face it, life is better with friends. So Download The8App from App Stores and FOLLOW @Dexterroona  The8App has announced an incredible new contest to grow the platform with $5000 in cash prizes! “We are so excited to announce WeRiseTogether to reward you for sharing The8App with your friends, family, and social networks.  As a thank you, we are giving away a total of $5,000 in cash prizes by … Read More

How to boost views to your 8App stories

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When video ads are viewed within your 8App stories you receive ad revenues to your account. Here are some tips to get members to view your stories and click through posts within your stories. Story posts have a big advantage over moments posts in that you can group related content together. I’m a Movie and Tv addict. I have created a story around my favorite movie and tv trailers and related news. I will use this 8App story … Read More

Why i love The 8 App – There is just so much POTENTIAL

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THE8APP IS FULL OF SO MUCH POTENTIAL! The 8 App is a major chance to change how we use social media and how social media sites treat us as users. The Unpaid Workforce SOCIAL MEDIA USERS ACCOUNT FOR THE BIGGEST UNPAID WORKFORCE ON THE PLANET, IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE! We create content, add it to our social feeds for little or no reward. Facebook even dares to restrict and steal our views and members accept this. Why? because … Read More

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