Mike shows us How To Add Videos To The8App

How to add Videos to The8App

The8App has brilliant video functionality. Here Mike shows us how to add Videos to The8App

  • Create a video by tapping the button ln the center, located on the bottom menu bar
  • Choose the video icon to record a video or select a video to load from your gallery
  • You can also add videos by copying and pasting the link of the video into the Vimeo / Youtube url bar
  • Hit the next button and then hit post

The Facebook HABIT – Facebook is nothing more than a BAD HABIT that you need to break! Face Up to your social media addiction.

How many times in a day do you see someone glued to their smartphone, swiping and tapping away, oblivious to what is happening around them?

But when does being an ‘active user‘ turn into over-use, reliance, and possibly even social addiction?

The Facebook Habit

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