The 8App Lounge Bar is the first 8App member group account. Here are the basics.

The Lounge is a group member account designed to become an 8App Influencer account. Join us for a drink at the bar and increase your following by posting in The 8App Lounge.

Keep your posts to the Lounge friendly and respectful. Avoid political discussions or drama. The Lounge account does not follow anyone and will not be used to like other posts. The Lounge is a place to post a fun and interesting posts for others to then join the conversation. The 8App Lounge is a highly experimental account that will bring you more engagement. Changes will be made as we move forward to help make this account work for every member.

Any revenue that The 8App Lounge account earns will be donated to an 8App charity decided by the members

We anticipate that this group account will grow significantly as The8App grows and with sponsorship offers from the Sponsor Hub we hope to generate some very nice income for charity.

Would you like a membership to The 8App Lounge?

Follow all the admins below and ask one of them for the latest account code. They will send you the code once you promise via DM to respect the rules and confirmed that you are following all the admins. The code will be changed regularly for security reasons, you will have to ask again for the new code when it changes .

Your Admins are






CEO @suefennessy! (Please do not message Sue for the code, she is busy looking after our incredible social platform)



The 8App Lounge – Full Rules:

1. No political posting.

2. Be respectful and friendly (no drama).

3. This account does not follow other members.

4. This account will not be used for liking other posts – as soon as this happens the free formula will change.

5. Becoming a member means that you can log in on this account to share content on which everybody is free to comment.

6. How can i login? – You are given the code to log in on this account by pm by one of our admins. Following all the group admins is a requirement to qualify for a membership!

You log in, make your post to the Lounge and  log out again. Members can then comment on your post and other posts.

The login code will change regularly so stay active and informed of changes.
We want no inactive members.

7. You ageww as a member not to take advantage of this account in any way or break any of the rules above.

If you violate the rules you ll be excluded and will not be allowed to get in again.

Admins keep the freedom to refuse membership or delay it for any reason known by them.

Don’t abuse! Let’s keep this a fun group account.

Join us for a drink at The 8App Lounge.

(Income generated by this account will be donated to charity)