8App Ads are now Live

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8App Ads Are Live

The8App was created to empower every individual on the planet. 8 gives you simple tools to monetize the posts and stories you create on the platform.

It is the mission of The8App to reverse the 92 billion dollar tidal wave that pounds into the bank accounts of just a few companies in Silicon Valley, and return it back into the pockets of those creating the content and doing the work.


Monetize Your Posts – The8App is empowering everyone to benefit from unique ad views on their content.

1. The8App has built an ad engine that supports your content on 8. Members retain 100% control over the placement of ads, and 80% of the ad revenue is returned to the members. You choose whether or not to accept ads. And if you do, the money gets deposited into your PayPal account.


2. 8App Ads appear in the form of videos that integrate seamlessly into your content you produce. To turn on your 8App Ads, look for the “My Ads” button on your home profile in the mobile app or in your drop down menu on desktop, and go through the simple steps to activate ads.

8App Ads are live On The8App

3. You are given the option of placing 8App Ads before the videos you post (pre-roll ads), or between items in the stories you make (mid-story ads). Ads do not currently appear on single-item posts (a.k.a. “moments”).


4. 8App Ads are based on “Unique Views”. This means that if the same person views the same post a hundred times it will only count as 1 view.


5. Pricing is demand-driven, which means that the price for your ads will increase the more views your ads have.


6. You will receive notifications in your ‘ad alerts’ after you begin earning money, and it will become available for payout approximately 45 days later. You can redeem the money after at least $2 is posted to your “Available Balance” or you can choose to ‘Pay it Forward’ to one of our game-changing charitable partners.

8App Ads are live On The8App HowTo8App

Monetizing your content is as simple as joining The8App and turning on your 8 App Ads!


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